Fit With Fido Fitness Bootcamp!

March 23, 2014 • Author: Ruff Haus

Ruff Haus is very excited to be able to offer another amazing class that encourages everyone to get outside and get active with their dogs! With the help of our good friend Laura Skjelmose-Betts, we've put together an amazing outdoor fitness bootcamp that you can enjoy with your dog!

Fit with Fido was designed for all fitness levels, and allows for everyone to work at their own pace. Cardio, strength, balance, stretching PLUS dog obedience and a little bit of agility all rolled into one great class that you and your dog can enjoy together!

We're very excited to have Laura (and her very active pack of pups!) on board training with us this Summer, and we know that all of you will have a blast in this incredibly fun class!

Get your leash, grab your weights and come train with us!

laura 4

About Laura:

Laura is from Barrie – born and raised!  Living an active lifestyle has always been a part of her life.  Growing up she was involved in many sports including soccer, volleyball, horseback riding, skiing and sailing.  Exploring nature and the outdoors has always been her first love.  Today she is a very busy person, sharing her time between her full time “day job” as a sales rep, husband, baby, and 3 dogs, she still manages to find time to stay active and healthy.

Laura's degree in biological science from The University of Guelph with a special interest in exercise physiology, human physiology and psychology has given her knowledge in human anatomy, sports physiology and nutrition.  With this knowledge, accompanied by her positive energy and attitude, Laura has helped many people reach their personal and health goals.

Laura also has a strong passion for training dogs, and spends much of her time keeping her own dogs (Kona, Cash and Cruze) busy and active! They are invloved in several canine sports including agility and disc, and can be frequently seen demonstrating their abilities with the Sky High Dogs, and High Flying Canines Teams!







March 3, 2014 • Author: Ruff Haus

To our valued Ruff Haus Customers,


We wish to advise you that due to increasing operational costs along with changes in market trend, we will be raising our Daycare and Grooming prices effective April 1st, 2014.

This is the first time we have increased our prices since opening our doors in 2011, and it was a big decisoin to do so. Please be assured that we are committed to providing all of our customers with the same great service and quality care that we always have.

To help with this price adjustment we will be offering a sale on Daycare packages for the entire month of March so that everyone will have the opportunity to stock up and save before the new pricing takes affect.

New prices have already been posted on the daycare page of our website. If you have any questions regarding the new changes please feel free to ask any of our staff members.

We value the loyalty of our customers and want to thank you for continuing to frequent our facility with your furry freinds, and for making Ruff Haus your number one choice for canine care in Barrie!




Tips For Keeping Winter Paws In Shape

December 16, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Winter can be a tough time for your dog's paw pads. Prevent winter weather-related paw pad injuries by following some basic dog paw care tips and the use of products designed for paw protection.

How To Prevent Paw Pad Injuries

One of the biggest threats to healthy paw pads is the salt used to melt ice on driveways, roads and sidewalks. Prolonged contact with deicers can lead to chemical burns on dog paws. If your dog is limping toward the end of a walk, deicing products may be hurting his feet. Whenever possible, get your dog off the salty sidewalk and into the grass or snow for walking.

Another threat from deicers is ingestion. Dogs may lick their paws or your boots and ingest deicing salts. To prevent your dog from ingesting deicing salts, keep a shallow bowl of warm water and a cloth near the entryway to your home so that you can wipe your boots and your dog's paws when coming in from the cold.

Another common cause of sore paws during the cold winter months are the ice balls which form between the pads and toes of hairy-footed dog. To reduce the risk of ice balls, keep inter-pad hair trimmed neatly and short during the winter months. Not only can hairy feet contribute to the development of ice balls on the feet, paw hair can retain a lot of those nasty deicing salts. If your dog has hairy feet, trim them throughout the winter.

Dogs left in the cold for long periods of times are also at risk for frostbite on paws (and other extremities – ears, tail, etc.) and hypothermia. It is not advised that dogs spend hours in the cold. In winter, more frequent short walks are better for your dog than a single long walk. If you suspect your dog has hypothermia or frostbite, get him to a vet right away!

Additionally, just like the dry winter air can dry out human skin, it can contribute to the drying and cracking of dog paws. Bag Balm, a product available at nearly every pharmacy, applied in a thin layer daily or every other day should help keep your dog's paws from cracking and bleeding. Keeping a humidifier in the house should also prevent dry, itchy skin for both you and your pet.

Products For Protecting Dog Paws

There are many products on the market designed to protect dog paw pads during the winter month, from "pet safe" deicing products to protective waxes and dog booties.

Safe Paw is a common pet-friendly deicer, but sand, small stones, and kitty litter (non-clumping) are also options for deicing while protecting your dog's pads from injury and chemical burns.

Musher's Secret is one of the most popular paw waxes. Paw wax is applied to the pads of the feet before a walk; forming a protective barrier between the paw and the salty sidewalk or pavement. Paw wax will wear away after extended exercise, and should be reapplied before each walk.

The best protection for your dog's paws and pads are dog booties. Just as wearing boots in the winter protects your pads, dog booties will prevent injury to your dog's feet. Dog boots can protect your dog's paws from salt, ice balls, and cutting his pads on sharp items that may be hidden under the snow or sharp ice. Proper sizing of dog booties is especially important in ensuring that the booties are comfortable for your dog to wear and maximize paw protection. Muttluks and Ruffwear are two popular providers of dog booties.

Dog booties may look silly, but really are the ultimate protection for your dog. Human snowsuits look silly also, but are they not the best for keeping sledding kids warm? Just as your kid may not want to wear a snowsuit, your dog may not initially like wearing booties. With a little time and patience, you can train your dog to love wearing his dog boots!

Teach your dog to be comfortable having his paws handled by people before even trying to apply the boots. When your dog is comfortable having his paws handled, begin introducing the boots one at a time, and for very short periods of time. Use lots of yummy treats when the dog has the boots on, to teach him that it is nothing to worry about – in fact, boots on his paws make really good stuff happen (initially treats, eventually walks)! Once he's ok with a bootie on each paw individually, put two boots on in random combinations. Then introduce all four boots, and let him practice walking around the house. Once he's comfortable in the house, walk him around the back yard and front yard. At this point, your dog will realize that "these boots are made for walking!" So bundle up, both of you, and get out there in the snow for some safe, wintery exercise.

Featured Dog For Adoption-Bobby Jo!

December 16, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus




Bobby Jo is a beautiful 1 year old Coonhound who came to Precious Paws Rescue from Mercer County Pound. She is currently being fostered at Camp Cookstown ( where she is having a blast playing with all the other dogs!

Bobby Jo is looking for an experienced, active home where she'll get all the love and obedience training she needs. She's a large puppy who still has some house manners to learn and she's very eager to please and highly food motivated! Bobby gets along great with other dogs and would love another dog her size to run and play with or even a home where she could go to the dog park or doggy daycare to run off some steam with other dogs would be ideal!

Bobby Jo is a friendly, happy-go-lucky girl who just can't wait to find her perfect forever home – could it be with you? Email Precious Paws today for an application! Her adoption fee is $350 and includes up to date vaccines, deworming, wellness bloodwork and heartworm test, spay and microchip.

Tips For A Stress Free Holiday

December 16, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Friends, family, and festivities, these are the three F’s of the holiday season. Unfortunately for our dogs, fear can be the fourth F. Around the holidays we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, often leaving Spot confused, anxious, and stressed to the max. Here are a few ways to keep our furry friends feeling festive! (Say that three times fast!)

Keep a schedule. If you always take a walk first thing in the morning, or head to the dog park after work, keep that schedule. Sometimes it’s hard when trying to prepare a lovely brunch for guests or to squeeze in some last minute shopping before the stores close but maintaining a normal routine can keep your dogs feeling calm and secure.

Update information. At times, especially around the holidays, your front door can seem like a revolving door at a department store. You have guests entering and exiting, making multiple trips to the car to unload baggage or all those shopping bags filled with gifts. This sets up the perfect situation for your pups to plan their escape . So, make sure their tags are up to date with your contact information and if they have microchips that their online profiles are up to date as well–just in case their sinister plan to run free with the squirrels proves to be successful.

Designate a safe spot. With guests coming and going and new smells filling your home, your dog can get a little overwhelmed by it all. Be sure they have an area away from the action where they can go to get away from all the energy. This can also be a good place to keep you dog away from the door when guests are arriving. That way you can introduce your dog slowly instead of all at once.

Decorate with care. While Decking the Halls keep in mind that dogs like to explore their surroundings with their mouths. Try to keep toxic holiday plants like Poinsettias, Mistletoe, Holly and Christmas Cacti OFF the ground and keep lights, ornaments, and tinsel out of paws reach. These shiny decorations can entice dogs (and cats) to chew, posing the risk of choking or electric shock.

Avoid a feast for your beast. You and your guests may be tempted to share all of your delicious cooking with your pets this holiday season. However, it is important to set rules for table scraps and treats and to share those boundaries with your guests. A few extra holiday pounds are often easy to shed for humans come spring but a few pounds on your pup can put a lot more stress on their bodies. Also, keep treats that contain chocolate, raisins/grapes, mushrooms, or macadamia nuts away from dogs as they can be toxic. Lastly, Don’t forget to put any leftover poultry bones out of reach. Dogs may beg for them but they can be extremely dangerous if ingested.

Plan ahead. If you are traveling this holiday season be sure that you make plans for Spot in advance. If your doggies will be joining you on your travels be sure that you have all of their luggage including leashes, harnesses, food, beds, toys etc. It can be stressful for your dog to encounter a new place so having the comforts of home (and the smells of home) can make the change a little easier. If your pet can’t join you, make arrangements for a pet sitter, kennel or pet resort early enough to ensure you pup will be well taken care of in your absence.***Note: If you do choose to use a kennel or pet resort make sure your pup is up to date on all vaccines required and you have the paper work to prove it. If not, running around at the last minute could be a major stressor for you!

Remember to play. Your dogs can sense your anxious energy caused by the anticipation of homes filled to the brim with people, the wonder of a snow covered lawn, and food for as far as the eye can see so be sure to include them in your fun too. Have extra-long play sessions before guests arrive or go on a special trip to your local treat shop to pick out some grrr-eat stocking stuffers!

New! Text Us Your Daycare Appointments!

June 6, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Did you know that you can now text us your Daycare appointments??

We know that you guys are busy (we are too!) and we know that sometimes its just easier to send a quick text. So we figured we'd give you another way to book your dog's daycare appointents or cancel if necessary. This is strictly for Daycare purposes, any other inquiries will still have to be made by using all those other handy methods of technology 🙂

Just a couple of things to remember:

1) Please make sure to text us your dog's name along with your last name so we know which dog we are booking

2) Please wait for a reply text confirming your appointment

Thats it! Easy Peasy! Here's the number…705-795-0054

Ruff Haus Hosts Treasure Hunt For Dog Lovers!

June 4, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Get Ready To Dig Barrie!


Ruff Haus is SO excited to be hosting a city wide treasure hunt! We've partnered with some of our fave dog people in the area to put together the biggest dog prize we could! We've buried-yes buried- a treasure box somewhere in the city of Barrie and it's up to you to find it! Here's how it'll work…each week we will give out a clue about the location of where the treasure is hidden via Facebook and Twitter. The clues will come in riddle form and trust me, they're tricky. You'll need to keep it locked on our FB and Twitter feeds to make sure you don't miss a single clue-there will be 10 in total. You won't know when the clues are coming, or what kind of riddle they'll be so keep your eyes peeled and be ready for them. Anyone can play, anyone can win and it could be anywhere in Barrie. Finders keepers…first one to the treasure box wins!

This is going to be epic.

May’s DOTM!!!

June 4, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

May’s DOTM prize went to a young lady we have had the absolute pleasure of spending loads of time with at Ruff Haus! Always wiggly and oh so happy, a rebel at heart and a constant source of daycare entertainment, this young boxer ALWAYS makes sure to keep us on our toes 🙂 When she’s hangin’ in the Haus you can be sure she’s playing laser tag, following her boxer gal pal Ruty around, or of course playing with her absolute best friend in the entire world since they were young pups-Jazz!!! When she’s not at daycare, it’s likely this cutie is at home cheering on her family’s hockey team, frequenting local dog parks or starring on TV (shout out to the Canine Interpreter)!She’s a bundle of energy, miss popular, always the source of all the daycare action and we love her to pieces! Congrats Miss Sophie, you deserve it!



Yay Sophie!!!

April’s DOTM!!

May 1, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

April’s DOTM award goes to a fuzzy little man who’s always hangin’ around the Haus and always wearing a great big smile on his face! We love watching this little man throw his head back and run around like a crazy man when he’s playing with us at Daycare! He’s one of the most popular little guys at Daycare and always has a posse of pals with him at all times (shout out to Pryce and Zeus!). Whether he’s playing with small dogs or big dogs this little man is always having the time of his life. Such a fashionable pup this little guys is always sporting the latest fashions whether it’s a blue Mohawk or the latest colour of nail polish, and it’s just one of the many reasons why we love him so darn much!



Daycare Hours and Capacity Numbers

April 23, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Our Daycare will now be CLOSED on Saturday's beginning May 18th, 2013 going forward. This is due to low numbers in attendance during weekend hours. We realize that there are a small handful of clients who rely on daycare services on Saturdays and we would encourage these clients to use our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services instead. Ruff Haus will continue to accept Grooming clients by appointment on Saturday's and we plan to hold Training classes during these times as well.

That being said, with such a high demand for weekday daycare and an increase in our staff members, we will be increasing our daily capacity from 25 dogs a day to 30 dogs a day. Our hope is that this will relieve some of the wait times for daycare, and eliminate our waiting lists.

We appreciate your co-operationin this matter, and thank you for your loyal patronage.