“Are you looking for the best doggy daycare in Barrie for your beloved pooch?  Or maybe some obedience or agility classes to keep their mind and body sharp?  We use and HIGHLY  recommend Ruff Haus!  Ruff Haus is not only a top notch facility with amazing staff, they are also proud Precious Paws supporters!”

– Precious Paws Rescue


“How can we not love ‘the Haus’!  Our always excited, forever energetic and attention seeking 8 month old Viszla Ryder has found his home away from home.  He has woken up itching to go to the haus from the age of 12 weeks as he loves to romp and run with his pals, get his daily snuggles, play fetch and steal the odd ball!  We couldn’t imagine him spending his days anywhere else!

– The Ormondes



“What is there not to love about Ruff Haus? Daisy has been attending Ruff Haus in a variety of forms (puppy class, grooming and daycare) since the day I brought her home. Of all the services they offer, daycare has to be the best thing that I have done for her. She gets excited when I say ‘daycare’, pulls on leash when we arrive because I can’t move fast enough and she loves all the staff upon greeting. It is rest assured and peace of mind that she is well taken care of. She is getting the socialization that she needs and enough exercise that when she comes home after a full day of play, she sleeps the rest of the night. Thank you Ruff Haus for providing Daisy a loving ‘second’ home when I can’t be at home with her”

– Pam with Daisy


“Maya and Bella love Ruff Haus because the staff care about them like mom and dad do. It’s home away from home! Ruff Haus is a safe and fun dog haven where dogs can just be themselves. There are always fun activities going on. We love you!”

-Myriam and Patrick with Maya & Bella

“You guys are so special, kind and caring and I know that Marley gets great social stimulation and the best grooming ever!”

-Nancy with Marley

“This place is like a new family that loves me as much as my family at home. Lots of love, attention and good times. I’m so tired when I get home. Lots of new friends!”


“My dogs get an opportunity to play and socialize with so many great friends in a safe and fun environment!”

-Holly with Jake & Peanut

“Dugie loves Ruff Haus because he can blow off steam. He forgets to get upset when it storms outside because he has his pals to keep him company and say everything is okay.”

-Tina with Dugie

“I love all the girls at Ruff Haus, and Im not at home waiting for my mom and dad to come home. I get snuggles and kisses from my two boyfriends Luke and Murphy and have two best girlfriends Airlie and Daenerys. I also love my report card so I can remember how much fun I’ve had!”

-Brooklyn with Jaime 

She not only has lots of fun but she knows she is loved by the great staff here”

-Joan with Tara

“Ella has such a great time here, she knows when it is Friday and gets excited on the way to Ruff Haus!”

-Jack with Ella

“I was raised here-its my second home. I love playing and snuggling its so fun!! Everyone is so friendly and they love me!”

-Sue with Sophie

“Staff are nice, my dog loves coming to “school”. Location is so handy to my house to pop Rudy over for a play day. PS, Love the report cards!”

-Jill and Rudy

“We love Ruff Haus because Ruff Haus loves our dog Jesse! Thank you for loving Jesse as we do!”

-Suanne, Daryl and Abbey with Jesse

“We LOVE it here becasue Casey is safe, happy and well socialized with other dogs and people! We spread the good word about Ruff Haus every chance we get! Thanks for everything you do!”

-Linda with Casey

“The staff are always so caring and helpful with any questions I have about training my puppy. The environment is safe and clean, giving me peace of mind when I leave Toby in the daycare. All the staff are friendly, trustworthy, reliable and knowledgable. The hours of operation are fantastic, and the rates for both daycare and training are very reasonable.”

-Cindy with Toby

“Rhythm always comes home exhausted. He learns so much at Training and Daycare! Plus Ruff Haus is the coolest place around!”

-Jake and cassandra with Rhythm

“I love Ruff Haus because my dogs come home exhausted and they’re becomming better behaved!”

-Lynda with Daisy & Riggs

“We love the friendly staff and Felix has a blast!”

-Michelle with Felix

“A great place, great friendly staff 🙂 Lola is a happy, tired girl everytime we pick her up! She has a blast and practically pulls us through the door…she knows when we arrive at the Haus!! She just loves it here!!”

-Katherine with Lola

“I just took Gemma to the vets for her heart worm test and pills. Usually I leave her outside until they are ready for us to walk right in. This time she came in with me, we checked in and actually waited in the waiting area until they were ready for us. She saw 2 dogs and didn’t react to them at all! We were even complimented on her being so well behaved and the progress we have made since they first saw Gemma a year ago. They were so surprised that I was able to keep Gemma sitting 4 feet away from another dog without her reacting at all. This is a true accomplishment for us. Thank you for training us 🙂 “

-Jennifer with Gemma