Puppy 1

6 Week Class

$145.00 (Including HST)

This class was specifically created for puppies between the ages of 10 weeks to 6 months, and was designed to provide them with the best possible start in life!

Our certified trainer/behaviorist will help you teach your puppy the basics such as: Watch Me, Sit, Down, Stay, Take It, Leave It, Drop It, Walking Nicely On A Leash, Come When Called, Sitting For Greeting, and so much more! We also know how important it is for a new puppy to learn good manners, so you will also learn how to discourage unwanted behaviours such as nipping, chewing, digging, barking, jumping up on people, door dashing, and more! Throughout the class you will also learn the importance of proper nutrition, grooming, exercise, socialization and how it all affects your new pup!

This class is your puppy’s first step to becoming a well behaved, well rounded, balanced dog.

Upcoming Start Dates:

Wednesday, January 22nd @ 7pm – FULL

Tuesday, January 28th @ 7pm – FULL

Monday, February 10th @ 7pm

Sunday, February 16th @ 10am

Tuesday, March 10th @ 7pm

Wednesday, March 11th @ 7pm

Monday, March 30th @ 7pm

Sunday, March 29th @ 10am