DOTM for June!

July 3, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

June's Dog of the Month award went to the happiest, goofiest girl we know! We have the pleasure of hangin' with her every Wednesday and Friday and each time she comes bouncing through our front door our day gets a little bit brighter! This young lady is full of life and exploding with personality, when she's in the Haus we know its gonna be a fun day! At daycare you can be sure you'll find her with a mouth full of toys, and most likely playing fetch or tug with some of her besties (what's up Sophie, Duke and Ruby!). When she's at home she's keeping busy with dad hiking in the woods with her Porty pals Dakota and Harleesmiley. A fantastic addition to our daycare crew, and a sheer joy to have around, its no wonder Maggie is our DOTM for June!


Way to go Maggie!

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