Emery’s Trip To The Chiropractor!

March 27, 2016 • Author: Ruff Haus

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Have you ever noticed something strange or off about your dogs health or behaviour and then tried to find a solution by searching online? Yep, thats me, guilty as charged. I’m a researcher and a mega nerd when it comes to learning about canine health and behaviour. Always have been, and likely always will be. SO, when Emery (my first born and soul mate) who will be 9 years old this June, started developing fatty lumps also known as Lipomas on his chest, sensitivity in his spine and his activity level drastically changed within a few months I did what I always do…I googled his symptoms. 

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking “you can’t trust everything you read online” and you’re absolutely right. HOWEVER, I did manage to find a reputable blog by a Veterinarian who has done research and treated patients for spinal injuries which he linked to Lipomas. What he basically stated was that Lipomas are the body’s way of signalling that there is an injury or something out of whack in the spine. My mind was blown when I read that. It made total and complete sense to me and perfectly matched Emery’s symptoms. His recommendation was not to remove the fatty lumps, but to take a more Holistic approach and treat the injury in the spine itself. 

I started looking up information about Chiropractic care for pets and discovered that its actually a popular practice and has phenomenal results. I also discovered that Chiropractic care was covered under our pet insurance policy and that we had a Chiropractor who treats pets right here in Barrie! Win win! 

We booked our appointment with Chiropractor Dr. Susan Shaw just a few days later, and she not only confirmed what I had read online, but also discovered that Emery did indeed have a few things out of line in this spine, and was also stiff in his back end and shoulders. We immediately set up a plan to get Emery’s health back on track, and she was incredible with him and he actually ENJOYED having his adjustment done! I was nervous that he might be sore or uncomfortable but he loved it. After just two treatments, Steve and I both noticed a drastic improvement in Emery’s energy and activity level. He was back to his old self, and even keeping up with us on hikes and at the dog park again. 

I thought for sure this was the beginning of a long road to old age for my boy, but it turns out his body was just trying to tell us that something was wrong. Dr.Shaw reminded me that Emery is ONLY 9, and he still has a long happy life ahead of him. Now that he’s feeling better he has the energy of our younger dog Lux who is 3 years old and we couldn’t be happier to know that he’s feeling more like himself. 

Emery continues to visit Dr. Shaw about once a month to make sure we’re keeping everything in check. He loves going to see her, and can’t wait until she hands him that liver treat at the end of his adjustment. I’ve found that this treatment has proven to not only be effective for Emery but its also super affordable, and local which is even better! I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Shaw, she’s fantastic and you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Dr. Susan Shaw, you can check out her website here -> http://www.shawchiropractic.ca/index.html

If you’d like to read the article I found that links Lipoma’s and spinal injuries you can read it here-> http://peterdobias.com/blogs/blog/11016161-fatty-lumps-lipomas-other-lumps-and-why-surgery-is-not-the-best-choice


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