February’s Dog Of The Month!!!

February 29, 2012 • Author: Ruff Haus

February's dog of the month went to a young pup who certainly isn't lacking in personality!  At times she's been the smallest dog on our playground but that hasn't seemed to stop her from romping and wrestling with dogs of all sizes, in fact around here we call her "The Boss"!  We can usually find her playing in the tunnel and making a collection of toys, beds, water dishes and whatever else she can manage to drag in there with her! Her favourite game is playing tag around the tunnel and luring her BFF's inside where they roll around all afternoon. Although this little lady is full of energy and rarely stops to rest, she always makes sure to spend some cuddle time with the staff-and let me tell you she is one professional cuddler! With so much personality and a cuddly side you have to experience to fully understand, it's no wonder that this little girl's fan club seems to be growing by the day!


Congratulations to Sophie who was voted our Dog Of The Month for February!

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