Fit With Fido Fitness Bootcamp!

March 23, 2014 • Author: Ruff Haus

Ruff Haus is very excited to be able to offer another amazing class that encourages everyone to get outside and get active with their dogs! With the help of our good friend Laura Skjelmose-Betts, we've put together an amazing outdoor fitness bootcamp that you can enjoy with your dog!

Fit with Fido was designed for all fitness levels, and allows for everyone to work at their own pace. Cardio, strength, balance, stretching PLUS dog obedience and a little bit of agility all rolled into one great class that you and your dog can enjoy together!

We're very excited to have Laura (and her very active pack of pups!) on board training with us this Summer, and we know that all of you will have a blast in this incredibly fun class!

Get your leash, grab your weights and come train with us!

laura 4

About Laura:

Laura is from Barrie – born and raised!  Living an active lifestyle has always been a part of her life.  Growing up she was involved in many sports including soccer, volleyball, horseback riding, skiing and sailing.  Exploring nature and the outdoors has always been her first love.  Today she is a very busy person, sharing her time between her full time “day job” as a sales rep, husband, baby, and 3 dogs, she still manages to find time to stay active and healthy.

Laura's degree in biological science from The University of Guelph with a special interest in exercise physiology, human physiology and psychology has given her knowledge in human anatomy, sports physiology and nutrition.  With this knowledge, accompanied by her positive energy and attitude, Laura has helped many people reach their personal and health goals.

Laura also has a strong passion for training dogs, and spends much of her time keeping her own dogs (Kona, Cash and Cruze) busy and active! They are invloved in several canine sports including agility and disc, and can be frequently seen demonstrating their abilities with the Sky High Dogs, and High Flying Canines Teams!







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