December 7, 2011 • Author: Ruff Haus

Meet the newest member of our daycare pack, an 8 month old Jack Russell named Gunner- AKA the Canine Ping Pong Ball! Gunner had his first day here today, and started off running figure eights around our playground as fast as his little legs could carry him. It didnt take him long to make friends with fellow pack memebers Oreo and Emery. The three amigos stuck together all day and played hard until rest time where they all had a big sleep and then woke up an hour later to start it all over agian! Daycare for dogs is all about bringing your dog to a safe environment where they can interact with other dogs and burn off excess energy while you are at work or running your daily errands…as for Gunner…mission accomplished. Check out some of the pics we snapped of Gunner's first day! 



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