June’s Dog of the Month!!!

July 3, 2012 • Author: Ruff Haus

This month’s award went to a dog that we’ve had the pleasure of watching grow from a young pup into a full grown goof ball! This handsome young golden is a regular around here and what can we say? We just love the big guy! When he’s not busy eating chipmunks or chasing after deer at home, you can find him at Ruff Haus where he’s most likely doing something incredibly silly on our daycare playground or brushing up on his skills in training classes. So laid back, and easy to please, this guy is all about having fun and being silly with his pals. Speaking of pals, not only does he have a lot of buddies around here (shout out to Cobber, Nico and Maude!), but he’s also become quite the ladies’ man with an ever growing number of girlfriends (shout out to Casey, Bella, and Gracie!)! What more can we say? He’s a pleasure to have around, and our Ruff Haus family just wouldn’t be the same without him 🙂

Congrats Gilmore!!!

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