September’s DOTM

October 3, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Our Dog of the Month award went to a boy who has the biggest heart we’ve ever seen. So gentle and so caring to everyone around him, he always puts a smile on our faces ♥. When he’s at daycare you can usually find this handsome fellow climbing on the play equipment or curled up snuggling on his favourite bed. When he’s feeling frisky and full of energy you can bet he’s wrestling with his BFF Reese or letting the young pups climb all over him. When he’s not wrestling or getting crazy, don’t be fooled by his quiet nature- he’s always got his eye on where the treats are in the daycare! He’s a cookie monster and loves showing off at treat time, which is his favourite part of the day! Congratulations Monty on being September’s Dog of the Month!



Way to go Monty!

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