Summer Must Haves!!!

July 9, 2013 • Author: Ruff Haus

Summer's officially here, so we thought it was only fitting to put together a small list of Summer must haves for your pooch!


Smoochy Poochy Waterproof Collars



These collars are amazing for dogs who are constantly in the water during the summer. Made from a polyvinyl material these collars don't absorb water, don't stain, smell or stretch and are super easy to clean. The best part is they're made in Canada!





Planning on doing any hiking this summer? Why not invest in a backpack for you dog? Its a great way to put your dog to work, burn some excess energy aaaand lets not forget its a handy way to carry all of your hiking items-water, bug spray, sunblock! You can pick these up in all different colours, styles and sizes at most major pet retailers.


Life Jackets


If you're doing any form of boating this summer or spending extended periods of time out on the water, a dog floatation device is definately the way to go. Like the backpacks, lifejackets come in all colours, styles and sizes and can be picked up at most major pet retailers.



Outward Hound Cool It Bandana


The heat is your dog's worst enemy. Keeping them cool on hot days is important for their well being. Outward Hound offers the innovative Cool It bandana which is so easy to use! Simply soak in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes and its unique design will help keep your pet cool for hours!

Swimming Pools & Sanboxes


Can't find a dog friendly beach in your area? Why not make your own place to swim right at home?! Kiddie pools are a great way for your dog to cool off after a long hot day and are fairly inexpensive. They can be picked up at many big chain pet retailers or toy stores during summer months! An alternative to water…why not make a sand box for digging?? This can be a great outlet for dogs who dig in the backyard! Instead of filling your pool with water pick up some sandbox sand and bury some bones, treats and toys for you dog to dig up and find! Why would they dog anywhere else if the sand box is where all the fun stuff is??



These are just a few of our fave Summer items, check back soon for more fun summer ideas to do with your dog!





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