To Tip Or Not To Tip…That is The Question

January 29, 2015 • Author: Ruff Haus

The topic of gratuities can be awkward and uncomfortable at times. The fact of the matter is, we live in a very service driven society and rely on many experts to help us with our day to day routines. Most of us have daily encounters with people such as barista’s, bartenders, delivery people, take out people, servers or wait staff, hotel staff, cab drivers, gas station attendants, hairstylists, manicurists, coat checkers, and the list goes on and on and on. In the majority of these cases most would feel obligated to leave a small tip or gratuity for the services provided without thinking twice. Been on vacation lately? If you have then you know that individuals involved in the tourism industry thrive off the tips they make. They certainly aren’t shy about asking for them, and most of us offer tips not only willingly but generously to these individuals. But what about the services that we rely so heavily on to care for the needs of our ever growing furry family members? 

The pet service industry is growing at a rapid pace and new services are becoming available almost daily it would seem. This is largely due to the fact that pets are now commonly considered members of the family rather than the once common household or backyard pet. Our needs as pet owners have changed, and therefore the needs of our pets have changed making way for new services. Grooming, Training, Daycare, and Dog Walking are among some of the more common services found and utilized in our region by pet owners in Barrie. Do you use any of these services? Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you do!

What you may not realize though is that many of the people involved in offering these services we rely so heavily on, have gained their knowledge and skill through many years of education, and hands on practice. Groomers for instance, in many cases, attend expensive learning academies for extended periods of time where they learn about theory, breed clips, canine behaviour, breed recognition, specific handling techniques and of course safe grooming practices. Their learning doesn’t stop there either. Grooming is a service where there are constantly new trends, and new techniques to be learned and of course mastered. Any certified, reputable Groomer works hard to bring you and your dog the very best service, and experience possible by putting their valuable skill and education to good use. The same can be said about those individuals working hard to provide other pet related services mentioned earlier.

So with this knowledge, it begs the question, should you tip individuals involved in offering these pet related services? If we leave a tip for other day to day services (often without thinking twice about it), then why wouldn’t we leave a small gesture of our appreciation for the ones who go the extra mile to make our day a bit easier and our pets feel special?! Many people do graciously offer a small token of their appreciation by leaving a small cash tip, but you might be surprised how many people don’t know or don’t think to leave a tip for the services being provided for their pets. Are there guidelines for tipping these individuals? How much is expected and how frequent should you tip? These are all common questions, and chances are if you’re asking them, you aren’t alone!

At Ruff Haus, we certainly don’t expect tips, however, if you feel that your dog was well cared for and you want to show your appreciation, small cash tips are always graciously accepted with thanks. had a great article discussing this same matter. We found it to be very helpful in answering the question to tip or not to tip…

You can check out the article here!





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