Why We’re Different!

We know how important it is for dogs to get the proper exercise and socialization, so we’ve provided an indoor playground for the dogs to run, jump, fetch and play, all with our energetic staff in our award winning daycare. Dogs are arranged in playgroups determined by their size, temperament, and how they play, and are always monitored closely by our playground supervisors.

At Ruff Haus, we don’t just offer supervised playtime; in addition to the physical exercise and socialization the dogs will experience with us, we also believe that it is just as important for dogs to have mental stimulation. That’s why we’ve designed a full schedule of structured activities for them to participate in! Ball throwing, Frisbee tossing, laser chase, games, and anything else their canine minds can come up with! Everyday brings something different!

With all the excitement a fun filled day playing with friends can bring, we know that some dogs just need a break! Playtime should be fun and provide much needed exercise, but it should never be exhausting. That’s why we’ve made sure to include a much needed rest period for the dogs in our care. During this time play is slowed down, soothing classical music is played, and beds are provided for the dogs to rest. This way your dog comes home happy, relaxed and never grumpy!

All dog’s must pass an assessment before being accepted into our daycare.  The assessment must be booked in advance and will be 1 hour in length.  It is free of charge to you!

All dog’s must arrive before 2:00pm for daycare.