Why We’re Different!

We know how important it is for dogs to get the proper exercise and socialization, so our high-end daycare provides an indoor playground for the dogs to run, jump, fetch and play, all with our energetic staff in our award winning daycare. Dogs are arranged in playgroups determined by their size, temperament, and how they play, and are always monitored closely by our daycare staff.

At Ruff Haus, we don’t just offer supervised playtime; in addition to the physical exercise and socialization the dogs will experience with us, we also believe that it is just as important for dogs to have mental stimulation. That’s why we have structured activities for them to participate in! Ball throwing, Frisbee tossing, laser chase, games, gate manners, basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay, off, leave it, etc.) and anything else their canine minds can come up with. Everyday brings something different and if they just want to play with their friends, well that’s okay too! We have covered our play areas with rubber flooring to ensure your pup is safe when playing and are not slipping/injuring themselves on hard concrete floors. 

Our high-end daycare includes all the extra services that may be an additional cost at other facilities!  This includes (but is not limited to):

– Lunch feeding

– Birthday celebrations

-Special Theme days

– Treats

– Medication administration

With all the excitement a fun filled day playing with friends can bring, we know that some dogs just need a break! Playtime should be fun and provide much needed exercise, but it should never be exhausting. That’s why we’ve made sure to include a much needed rest period between 12pm – 1pm for the dogs in our care. During this time play is slowed down, soothing classical music is played, lights are turned down and orthopedic beds are provided for the dogs to rest. This way your dog comes home happy, relaxed and never grumpy!

All dog’s must pass a 1 hour assessment before being accepted into our daycare program.  The assessment must be booked in advance and is free of charge. Owners do not stay with their dog during the assessment. To get started please scroll down and complete our online daycare application. Once completed please contact our office at 705-739-7833 to book an assessment. 

All dog’s are required to arrive at daycare before 2:00pm.


Rates and Packages

The following prices include HST. Packages never expire.

After hours late fee is $1.00 per minute

***Please note that once a package has been used, no refunds will be issued. Packages are only transferrable to another dog owned by the same person, living in the same household and that has successfully completed/passed a daycare assessment***

How to Apply


Application Form

Our daycare application is available for you to download, complete and return to us via email to [email protected] prior to your assessment.

Please call us to book your assessment at 705-739-7833.

WHat To Know


Although we will always do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, we do require you to book your dog in. Bookings will help to ensure your dog’s reservation in the event that our daycare facility is at capacity. As an added convenience, a regular daycare schedule can also be set up as a recurring reservation so we will always have your dog’s reservation set.

All dog’s that attend daycare must first pass an assessment prior to their first full day.  This is 1 hour in length and is free of charge.  If it has been over 6 months since your dog has been to daycare, they must be reassessed prior to returning. Our daycare application must be completed and submitted to us to [email protected] prior to your assessment date. You will find this under daycare forms or may submit the online daycare application. We also require that your dogs proof of vaccination be sent to us via email to [email protected] or a picture can be sent via text to 705-739-7833.

To make a reservation or to set up an assessment, you can call/text the office at 705-739-RUFF (7833) or send an email to [email protected].

***Please note that all dogs must arrive to daycare before 2:00pm***

Cancellation notification is recommended to be made at least 24 hours prior to service. Notification after 10am the day of service will still accrue a full charge for services ($45). We understand that unforeseen circumstances do come up from time to time, however, because our daycare space is limited and we often have a cancellation list, we do ask that you inform us if your dog will be missing an appointment. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

If you are unable to collect your dog by the time we close, we would ask that you try to make other arrangements or inform us so that we can help to accommodate you. Owners picking up dogs after our closing hours will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per dog. Repeat offenders may be charged up to $5.00 per minute or use of services may be terminated. 

Our daycare hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 6:30am-7:00pm 
(closed daily from 12pm-1pm)

Saturday – Closed (grooming by appointment only)

Sunday – Closed (training classes only)

We require that all daycare dogs be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, and Bordatella vaccinations. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of 48 hours prior to Ruff Haus services being performed. Puppies must have their second set of vaccines along with Bordatella in order to attend daycare.

Please be advised that vaccinations do expire, and our records will need to be updated periodically. In light of this, your dog will not be able to return to daycare until vaccines have been updated and proof from a licensed veterinarian has been provided.  Please note that we do not accept titer tests as proof of vaccination.

We require that all daycare dogs be on a parasite prevention program prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, either monthly or seasonally (June-November). Please speak to your vet about which treatment is best for your dog.

If at any time your pet is found to have fleas or ticks, we may provide appropriate flea or tick removal treatment at your additional expense, or we may terminate services until the problem is resolved so as not to transfer parasites to other clients.

If your dog is being treated for a contagious parasite such as, but not limited to roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, giardia, coccidia, etc. we require confirmation of treatment from your veterinarian including a clear test result before daycare services can resume. 

We require that all dogs over the age of 6 months be spayed or neutered in order to attend our daycare. Puppies under the age of 6 months are permitted to attend daycare; however once they turn 6 months of age we do require that they are spayed/neutered to continue to use daycare services. Please be advised that after turning 6 months, your puppy will be asked not to return to daycare until he/she is fixed.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet for any reason including, without limitation, if it appears that the pet is sick, injured, in pain, or that its behaviour could jeopardize the health and safety of other pets, our staff or themselves.  

  • All dogs must be in good health. No coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival. If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms while he/she is in our care you may be asked to  come pick them up.
  • If your dog has been treated for a contagious illness, we cannot accept your dog for at least 2 weeks after the last symptom of the illness. 
  • We may accept pets and administer routine medications for chronic conditions, but we are not equipped to care for acutely sick pets.
  • No aggressive dogs
  • All dogs must complete a 1 hour behaviour evaluation (free of charge) prior to their first day of daycare
  • Please note that at times we may use a gentle leader/halti to assist in calming. 
  • Ruff Haus will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour from clients toward our staff and other clientele. If unacceptable behaviour occurs at any time, use of services will end immediately. 
Have A question?

Frequently Asked Questions

The average dog spends 8-10 hours a day at home alone, waiting for someone to come home and play with them. This lack of adequate stimulation causes dogs to get bored and frustrated. They have no positive outlet for their normal canine energy, and in some cases this can result in destructive behavior, separation issues, and even depression. Doggie daycare is the answer for many dogs.

We recognize that not all dogs do well or enjoy a daycare environment which is okay!  Sometimes they just enjoy playing with one or a couple other dogs rather then a group. Although it sometimes is not ideal, we may have to start your dog with short visits and not a full day of play. Our number one goal is to always provide a safe space for your dog, which includes their mental well being,  and if they can only handle a few hours of play at a time, then that is what we do!  Every dog is different and will have different needs that need to be met and our goal is to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy in every way!

Yes. Having a reservation helps keep us organized, and gives us an idea of how many dogs to expect each day to ensure that we have adequate supervision and a safe staff to dog ratio.  Reservations can be made by calling/texting (705) 739-7833 or by emailing [email protected]

The following is a guideline of what an average day at The Ruff Haus includes.  Please note that we plan daily activities for the dogs and these will vary from day to day.


Dogs arrive, are checked in, and assigned a playgroup for the day. Monitored closely by our daycare attendants, supervisors and managers,  introductions are made as dogs get settled into their surroundings and begin to make new friends.


Upbeat music releases morning energy levels, and daycare staff encourage dogs to interact with their playgroups.  Staff provide games, toys and activities for the dogs to participate in.  Our orthopedic beds are always available for the dogs to utilize anytime.

Rest/Feeding Time

Music is switched to classical and lighting is dimmed.  This is an opportunity for daycare staff to give each dog a cuddle and a health check.  Rest time continues depending on the requirement of the dogs.  We also ensure that dogs who have come with food/snacks are fed. This is done between the hours of 12:00pm – 1:00pm which during that time there are no drop off’s or pick up’s and our doors are locked.


Play is very similar to the morning with activity in the afternoon being less intense.  Dogs are put through some fun training games and a few treats to encourage good behaviour. Play groups are reassessed and groups may be rotated to ensure maximum interaction and free play continues.


Activity is slowed and everyone winds down while they wait for their parents to pick them up.

We’re serious about who we hire because they aren’t just looking after your dogs, they are looking after ours too!  We only hire people who truly have a passion for dogs, and a thirst for knowledge of canines.  Our daycare staff are professionally trained in canine body language and are safety certified.  All Ruff Haus staff are certified in canine first aid.

Dogs relieve themselves based on texture and scent; they also have a tendency to go to the bathroom when they see another dog and can eliminate anytime they have to. See our Facility page for more information.

Why not?!  Having an indoor facility like ours has all of the perks of the outdoors, only it’s safer, and cleaner for the dogs.  With our facility you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is indoors safe from traffic, wildlife, and inclement weather.  See our Facility page for more information.