Our Facility

Ruff Haus was designed by dog owners with dogs and their owners in mind. Our set up is simple, yet we’ve given careful consideration to detail and made a conscious effort to ensure our facility is safe, secure, and as stress free as possible for the dogs in our care.

You won’t find any concrete or chain link fencing here! We’ve covered our playground floor with a soft rubber surface that reduces the amount of stress on the dogs’ hard playing joints, back and muscles. It also provides proper shock absorption as they run, jump and roll and is comfortable on their paws after a long day of play. Since our playground is indoors it is climate controlled, so no matter what kind of weather we are experiencing outside the dogs can keep playing and stay dry and clean!

In addition to our playground area, we’ve also made sure to stock our salon with ultra high-tech grooming equipment. Hydraulic tables to avoid jumping, a walk in bath tub and two different types of blow dryers to add the perfect finish to your dog’s groom! Everything to make bath day that much easier for everyone, including the dogs!


Please be advised that our premises is monitored by security cameras at all times


Our Client's Experiences

Barrie’s favourite canine facility since 2011!

“You guys are so special, kind and caring and I know that Marley gets great social stimulation and the best grooming ever!”

-Nancy with Marley