Grooming FAQ’s

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We ask that you please book an appointment with us for grooming services. For your convenience,  we offer severalwalk in services such as nail trims, nail grinds, brushing, etc. Reservations help keep us organized and make it possible to provide each dog with the care and attention they deserve. Appointments can be made over the phone by calling (705) 739-RUFF

How long does it take?

Each dog is different when it comes to grooming, and the duration of your dogs groom really depends on their size, haircut, condition of their coat, and of course their comfort level. Although we do try to be accommodating, and you will be given an approximate pick up time when your dog is dropped off. Unless your dog has been pre-booked in for daycare, please note that we do not offer all day boarding for grooming. All dogs must be picked up immediately following their appointment. If your dog is not picked up within 1 hour of their appointment, a full days daycare fee of $37.00 will be applied to your invoice.

Can I stay?

No. In most cases when a dog sees their owner they get excited and try to get to them. This can be hazardous as your groomer is working with sharp objects, and is trying to avoid additional excitement and stress. If it is critical that you be with your dog during their groom, you might consider grooming from home.

Can I sedate my dog?

We prefer that you don’t. If it has been recommended that your dog be sedated to make him feel more at ease during their grooming process we recommend having them groomed at your vet clinic where proper medication can be administered and monitoring can take place.

Do you express anal glands?

No. Anal glands are small scent glands found right underneath a dog’s tail. Many dogs express them naturally; however some dogs don’t and may need assistance if they become uncomfortable. Anal gland expression is a job best suited for your veterinarian, and we do not offer this service.

What if my dog is matted?

Your dog’s well being is our top priority and that is why we offer pain free grooming. Dogs that are de-matted on a regular basis learn to associate grooming with discomfort if not pain. So if your dog is badly matted, we will recommend removing the coat by shaving underneath the matting.

I have a double coated dog, will you shave him?

We want to be accommodating, and make each customer happy, so yes, we will shave your dog if you want us to. However, it is not something that we recommend, and there are a few things you should know before making the decision to do so.

A dog’s coat provides insulation from not only the cold, but also the heat and sun. Dogs do not “sweat” like humans do; in fact they cool themselves by panting from the mouth, sweating at the paws and cooling the blood in their ears.

When we shave a double coated dog we are actually taking away their protection from the elements, exposing them to harmful sun burn or even causing heat stroke. Their coat also acts as a protection against insects and parasites, so by removing that protection your dog could be exposed to more problems.

It’s important to note too that a dog’s undercoat actually grows faster than the top coat, so when we cut into that top coat it causes the undercoat to grow uninhibited. This hair is thick can matt easily or result in patchy, uneven growth until the top coat eventually re-grows. By then the coat may be so damaged that it may not grow back at all. In addition, shaving a double-coat actually interrupts the natural shedding process and can cause MORE shedding.