Urban Dog (Outdoor Class)

6 Week Class

$165.00 (Including HST)

Does your dog forget all their manners outside the house? Are they easily distracted? We have the solution!

Our Urban Dog program is designed to train, proof & calm your dog in both outdoor/indoor settings challenging your dog with several different distractions including other dogs, people, cars, bikes, skateboards, etc.  You will also learn how to have a well behaved dog in a store. You will learn the skills needed to insure your dog is as good outdoors as they are indoors.  This class will challenge both you and your dog!


  • A secure long line (minimum of 10 feet) – Required for summer./outdoor classes only
  • Dog’s must have knowledge of basic commands (Beginner/Puppy Level 2 obedience or higher)
  • Training treats or toy
  • Water for yourself and your dog
  • As with our other classes, no choke chains and prong collars are permitted

Outdoor classes are held at the lakefront (exact location – across from the playground). Please note that the location may change if needed.

For indoor classes, you will be advise of locations prior to class starting.

Upcoming Start Dates:

New classes starting summer 2021!